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Honest class leading advice on buying and selling businesses

CapEQ advises some of Europe's leading Business Owners, Shareholders, and Entrepreneurs on strategic Mergers and Acquisitions. 

We specialise in helping businesses navigate the world of selling, buying, and developing Mergers & Acquisition strategies for their business. At CapEQ, we put our clients at the centre of our business, ensuring that you are successful in every opportunity. 

Being one of the only Financial businesses to be a B-Corporation, we are proud to say that we put ethics and societal impart at the centre of everything we do. Our client advocacy attests to our commitment to ethics and the positive outcomes of our client engagements.  

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CapEQ's Understanding the importance of emotional intelligence in M&A


Understanding the importance of emotional intelligence in M&A

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CapEQ is providing you with the right advice,  at the right time.


Providing you with the right advice, 
at the right time.

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CapEQ's Experience in helping find the right fit for their client's businesses.


Finding the right fit for 
our client's business.

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An advisor that is aware of its social AND environmental impact.

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